Brookvalley Road/Closure

Published on Aug 17, 2018 at 12:21p.m.

Brookvalley Road within  Montville Twp will be closed for bridge construction. The roadway will be closed to all traffic on August 27, 2018 until September 4, 2018. From September 4th through October 1st the roadway will have one lane open. Delays are to be expected. School busses will be permitted during the second phase of construction, again delays can be expected. During this period, periodic closures will occur.

Residents should be advised to plan alternate routes or leave with extra time if they must travel this area. 

Arrangements should be made with contiguous towns to provide primary response in this area of town.

As of this date the closure has been posted on Brookvalley Road. Variable message signs are in place on both ends of the construction.

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