Join us for Doggie Derby 2 on Saturday, May 18

Published on Mar 28, 2019 at 02:13p.m.

Join us at the Doggie Derby 2 on Saturday May 18, 2019 at the Kinnelon Recreation Park (52 Boonton Avenue) at 2:00 pm. Bring your pooch to enjoy an obstacle course, red carpet walk and prizes. In addition, we will have "doggie" vendors to visit.  To register, email with the dog owner's name, dog's name, dog breed and size. Registration is free. We will check that your puppy has a registered license in Kinnelon. If you are from another town, you will also need to provide proof of licensure from your town. All dogs must be leashed.  Can't wait to have a "dog gone great day"!  

GMP Doggie Derby 2019.pdf


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