Public Works

Kinnelon Department of Public Works

118 Kinnelon Road

(973) 838-5401

John Whitehead - Superintendent
Jennifer Highers - Secretary
Brian Kimble - Foreman

Mosquito Control

The Recycling Center hours:

Mon & Tues 7:45am - 2:45pm

Sat & Sun 8:00am - 5:45 pm

Please be advised due to China’s Operation Green Fence recyclable materials are being refused if in plastic bags. Please place all recyclable materials loosely in garbage cans and dispose of the plastic bags in the trash. Recyclables will not be picked up if they are in plastic bags.

Kinnelon Recycling, Sanitation & StormWater Information
For Information Please Call: (973) 838-5401 Ext 233
Recycling Center Hours: Saturday & Sunday 8 am to 6 pm