Borough Ordinances

Listed ordinances are only the most commonly enforced ordinances. For a list of all ordinances visit
Municipal codes of the Borough of Kinnelon, NJ



84-7 Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets (Boonton Ave, Clubhouse Trail, Ricker Road, and Sheep Rock Road)
84-4.1(a) No stopping or standing (Meadtown Shopping Center)
84-4.1(d) Parking within marked stalls (Meadtown Shopping Center)
84-4.1d(1) Parking within marked stalls (Kinnelon Mall)
84-11 Operating a vehicle greater than 4 Tons on Cutlass Road and Cascade Way
84-21 Parking unlawfully during an emergency
84-22 Parking unlawfully during unsafe snow conditions
84-24 Removing snow on to municipal roadways
87.9a No possession/consumption/unsealed alcoholic container in public
87.9b No possession/consumption/unsealed alcoholic container in a private motor vehicle
87.9c No possession/consumption/unsealed alcoholic container on private property without express permission of the owner
110.6 Dog at large
110.11 Habitually barking dog
120.1 No discharging of any firearm within the Borough except in areas where hunting is permitted
123.25 Fire Zone parking prohibited
127.1 Illegal dumping
141.1 No littering on sidewalks/streets/public places
146.1 Unnecessary noise restricted
151.2 Soliciting without a permit
156.4(b) No parking at Recreation Fields between 10PM-6AM.
156.14 No dogs or other domesticated animals at Recreation Fields