Note From the Mayor

I hope everyone is staying safe and well protected during this crazy time. I want to thank our police and first responders for the great job they are doing for our community. I'd also like to thank the teachers and staff at our amazing schools for working with our children and making sure they are working diligently through their third marking period.

As you all are aware the Borough Hall, Library and Schools are closed to the public. If you need to contact the Borough Hall, they will be available throughout the day by phone for any questions or paying of any bills. The phone number is 973-838-5401.

I'd like to offer a service to our most vulnerable population, the senior citizens or residents with special needs in Kinnelon. If you need anything, please call my office for help. If you need any assistance with shopping or running errands, we have volunteers ready to help! My phone number is 973-838-5401 X-212 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You are a huge part of our community and we always look out for the well being of our residents.

Kinnelon is a close-knit community and we will get through this. Let's all try to shop local and help our neighbors and community any way we can. Our restaurants and small businesses are available for your convenience and will accommodate pickup and delivery orders. These are small businesses that depend on Kinnelon for their survival. Let's make sure that Kinnelon remains safe and continues to keep moving forward.


Mayor Freda

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