What makes the Kinnelon Recreation Department so great is the volunteers that commit their time and energy to helping the children of this beautiful town have a fun and safe activity, bond with new friends and learn something new. We welcome all new volunteers, even if you have never made a layup or don't know the difference between a goal kick in soccer or the infield fly rule in baseball.  We will help anyone willing to commit a little or a lot of time to find their niche. To volunteer within the Kinnelon Recreation Department, there are some required steps to complete as listed below.


1. Complete a Background Check : Click HERE to begin. 

2. Take the Rutgers Coaching Safety class. The recreation department hosts this class several times throughout the year at no cost to the volunteer. Contact Recreation Director, Melanie Schuckers, to sign up for the next scheduled class.

3. Take the online CDC Concussion class. Click  HERE  for the link. At the end of the free course, you will receive a certificate that must be forwarded to the recreation office, by mail, fax or email to mschuckers@kinnelonboro.org


Do not hesitate to contact the rec department with any questions regarding this process. mschuckers@kinnelonboro.org or 973-838-5401 ext. 220 Thank you.