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What is KAMELOT?

In 1989, by an act of the New Jersey Legislature (P.L. 1989, Chapter 51), the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) was established as an independent planning and coordinating body covering all state, county and local efforts regarding alcoholism, tobacco and other drug abuse. The GCADA has two primary missions….one is to maintain the Municipal Alliance Program.

Municipal Alliances are local planning and coordinating bodies established in all 21 counties to assess needs, set priorities, develop plans and implement programs that form the foundation of New Jersey's substance abuse prevention activities.

Of the 39 municipalities in Morris County, 37 participate in the Municipal Alliance Program.

KAMELOT is Kinnelon’s Municipal Alliance group.

What is KAMELOT's Mission?

KAMELOT  works with all who support the youth of our town (i.e. parents, educators, counselors, coaches, law enforcement, businesses, religious organizations) in successfully achieving their potential without the interference of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bullying and cyber hazards.

KAMELOT provides an essential service to the engaged parent by keeping up to date on the best approaches to age appropriate preventative measures, detection methods and problem resolution by:

• Recognizing the different educational needs at each stage of a child’s development

• Providing parents with helpful and actionable insights

• Staying on top of the latest trends and providing insights to the proper handling

• Recognizing the varying challenges all children face, regardless of iq, wealth or parental efforts and providing them with healthy coping options

• Partnering with parents and other organizations to arm our children with facts and consequences appropriate for each age level