Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company History -- the first few years...

(From a K.V.F.C. history first authored by Carol Koschoreck 1/07/1960.
Updated by Melissa Natoli, 5/11/2000.)

January 30, 1930

A meeting was held at William Groschopp's home to organize
a fire department to be known as the "Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company."

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Groschopp, acting as
president. The following officers were then elected:
President- Mr. William Groschopp
Vice President- Mr. Harry H. Gormley
Sec. And Tres.- Mr. John J. Hurter
Fire Chief- Mr. Garris Miller
Asst. Fire Chief- Mr. Laurence Kayhart
Foreman- Mr. George V. Kopp
Mr. Harry Gormley and Mr. Laurence Kayhart to serve with him
as a committee of three, to draw up a set of by-laws.

June 16, 1930

A certificate of incorporation was issued and executed.

October 6, 1930

The place of the fire company meetings shifted from
Mr. Groschopp's home to the Kiel Avenue School.  The committee
was appointed to meet with the board of Education on an
installation of a fire alarm system in the school, and the
holding of fire drills.

November 15, 1930

The first reported fire was at the Horton Residence at Ideal
Lake (now East Fayson Lake.) At this time there was no equipment
so each fireman went in his car with fire extinguishers.

December 1, 1930

The first discussion toward obtaining a firehouse and fire
equipment was discussed.  A committee was appointed to consult
with the Borough Council for an appropriation for Municipal Funds.
The Committee consisted of:
Laurence Kayhart
Daniel B. Mead
John Ricker Jr.

October 1932

The first siren was installed on Chief Garrie Miller's garage
on Kiel Avenue.

December 1932

A new committee was appointed to study the construction of
a firehouse. The committee members were:
Mr. Daniel Mead
Mr. Joseph Smith
Mr. Gifford Miller

January 1933

The Building lot next to Mr. Garrie Millers garage was
authorized to be purchased (note- this was never accomplished)

June 1933

The committee reported on the present Kiel Avenue Firehouse site,
and was given authority to acquire it.

August 1933

The initial plans for a firehouse were for a two story building.
The plans were then changed to a one story building.

December 1933

A mortgage was obtained for the new firehouse under construction,
from Butler and Bloomingdale Building and Loan Association,
for $1,500.00  This was to supplement the fund drive which was held
throughout the borough.

June 4, 1934

The Kiel Avenue firehouse was completed. The total cost was $400.00

July 1938

The first fire truck, a Reo, was purchased from the Bloomingdale
Fire Company for $250.00